Prada repair

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  1. I have an older Prada wallet. I love it.
    But it is showing deep wear on the corners, to the point where I am afraid to carry it.
    I dont' want to take it to a local repair shop - is there a prada authorized repair center? What would you do? What would it cost to get the wallet repaired?
  2. If you take it to Prada or Neiman Marcus, they'll send it in for repairs but it'll be expensive. I would just buy a new one if I were you.
  3. ^Ditto that
  4. *sigh*
    they still make the style, thankfully. But... I just got it broken in!

    Ah well,
    Thank you all!
  5. the repairs are expensive and take up to 2-3 months. I once had the nylon spongy type handles of a Prada bowling tote crumpled up from wear and tear .. the Prada boutique in Singapore took it in and replaced the handles are USD70.. and it took 2 mths as it had to be sent to Italy and back.

    For a more genric item like patching of a wallet, i think a good shop that specialises in designer repairs (if you can find one) might do a quicker and cheaper job.
  6. I have the same problem. The edges are worn and the lining ripped inside the coin section. I took it to Prada and they wanted so much $$$ to repair. I took it to a shoe maker and they won't take the responsibility. Needless to say, I can't use the wallet now.
  7. You can get a quote from Factotum Expert Leather Repair Alterations & Cleaning (recommended by Chanel, Nordstrom, Barney's, etc)
    Margaret's Factotum Expert Leather Repair
  8. My mother just gave me her old prada zip around wallet. I had no idea she had it!!

    Regardless, I need the zipper replaced and have some areas of the wallet touched up. Do you think its worth taking it to a normal handbag repair store in New York City?