Prada Repair


Mar 25, 2008
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Hi Ladies,

I have the Prada Black Nappa Tessuto Striped Medium Satchel (like the one in the link provided).

I've pretty much given it some mighty wear & tear, to the point that the lining is torn & one of the leather stripes has torn a bit as well. :-s

I purchased said bag at the Neiman Marcus' Last Call outlet.

I really love this bag & would love to get it repaired, but I'm confused as to wear I can possibly take it (since I'm scared a repair shop might make it worse). :confused1:

Does anyone know if Neiman Marcus would take the repair, even though I purchased it at their Outlet?
I've also read here on PF that Prada's repair protocol can be atrocious, so I'm hesitant to take it to a Prada store as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :smile:


Nov 27, 2006
I've been told by Neiman and Saks sales associates that they don't have anything to do with repair - they usually recommend going to Prada directly. Call one of the Prada boutiques directly and ask them - their protocol can be difficult IF they are covering the cost of the repair, but for me when I had a defective bag, it was a quick repair and not too difficult. Also, you can try one of the sites like Avelle who do high end repair. I've seen some of the bags they have repaired and they did a nice job. I haven't used them personally though. Hope this helps.
Nov 5, 2010
I bought a Prada Vitello Shine at a Prada boutique last April. Within two months it had a 1/2 inch scratch on the front. I have many bags and none have ever worn this poorly so I thought maybe the leather was defective. I sent it back to Prada and told them I would pay for the repair. They said they do not do any repairs and sent it back to me. I actually just sent it to Avelle for an estimate yesterday. I will post when I hear back from them. I am never buying Prada again....


Oct 31, 2009
New York City
Neimans and Saks both do repairs. The NM service is considerably better and cheaper so I always go that route. Saks once tried to charge me $90 just to send a bag that still had the Saks tags on it out for a repair estimate, so I took it over to NM who repaired it for free since it was current season, even with a Saks tag on it.

Prada does repairs too but their policy changes at whim, sometimes you have to have purchased it at the boutique, sometimes you just need to have the authenticity card and sometimes they don't ask for anything.

If your in NYC then BG repairs is also good and pretty fast, it's on the floor with the Lanvin, 2 or 4 I can't remember. Art Bag it also good but super expensive.