Prada refused to give me a box for my bag!


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Oct 28, 2014
Hi all,

Long time reader, first time post.

Just wanted to vent about the bad service I received from Prada today.

I ordered the 2005 re-edition in black and as I live in Melbourne (currently in lockdown), I had to order the bag online.
The bag didn't come with a box and I asked for one and they blatantly lied and said none of their bags come with boxes.
I even sent through pictures of my small black saffiano bought in-store at Prada in its box. My friend also bought the 2000 re-edition last week in-store and got a box.


I'll be returning the bag as it's not my dream bag and I can live without it, but still shocked at the poor service.

Anyone else have any horror Prada service stories?


Oct 21, 2020
My Prada backpack didn’t come with a box only a dust bag. When I asked my SA about it she said boxes weren’t made for that particular bag. My minis and SLGs did come in boxes. Maybe there’s merit to boxes only for certain things? I love my SA so unlikely she’s full of **** lol

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Jul 7, 2019
I think the problem is buying online since they're strict. I find in-store Prada is much more lax because the SAs want to ensure the customer is satisfied. But buying online affords you a full monetary refund, in-store, you get store credit.

Are you still able to place phone/distance orders even in lockdown in Melbourne?
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