Prada Recommendation

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  1. Hello Everyone, I could really use your opinion about an upcomming Prada purchase. I need a black leather tote for everyday use. Which is more durable, the pebbled leather or the calf leather? Both look great but I need the leather that will hold up best to daily wear. Thanks so much! Marybeth
  2. I would say the Vitello Daino leather but the calf leather is durable too.....the Vitello Daino (pebbled) is very thick and wonderful!!
  3. Both hold up well, but I would agree with browneyesblue that pebbled would be more durable. I just like the finish of the calf better myself.
  4. I carried a black calf all winter last year and it escaped with only some minor scuffs and it looks so expensive and elegant so that is where my vote goes. :smile: I also have the pebbled, which is very durable but just doesn't have that 'expensive' look that the soft calf has.
  5. Soft calf is elegant!! But i don't see any nice design from this line this season...hmmm:Push:
  6. Thanks so much for everyone's opinion. I did buy the soft calf tote in black and I love it!
  7. Is soft calf in beige difficult to maintain? What about in wet weather? can it get wet?
  8. Soft calf leather gets my vote and I have bags that are pebbled leather too. Soft calf wears very nicely.
  9. what about soft calf in beige - will that get dirty easily and if so can you clean it yourself or
    does it have to be professionally cleaned?