Prada re edition 2005 Black or beige. . . :S

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  1. Hello everybody, this is my first post and I'm thinking about getting the "new" Prada re edition 2005. In december I went to the Prada boutique and they had the beige and the black I tried on bought of them and I couldn't decide which one I like it better, so I didn't buy any of them. I still looking forward to buy one of them the thing is that i can't decide which one would be better for me. I only own a few designer bags so I would love to have your opinions about it (I hace: gucci disco bag in black, the LV neverfull and the speedy 25 monogram, YSL in dark blue and Stella MacCartney falabella also in blue. After listing the colours of my bags I realize all of them are dark colours haha. )
    Which one do you like the most? or at least which one do you think it's more useful?
    I wish you can help me.
    Hope to read your opinions and reviews :smile:
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  2. I personally like both colors. I tend to lean more black, but this particular nude is really beautiful. More on the cool tone side which appeals to me... it will however be more delicate to keep clean. My black Prada nylon pieces are so easy to keep clean/looking great. Upkeep will be more of a factor with the nude. Good luck deciding!!
  3. I just purchased the black version and I am in love with it! I think the black has a slightly more edgy look than the nude, if that factors in at all. I purchased it for an upcoming trip to Europe. I though the crossbody option would be great for sightseeing, and then I can take off the crossbody strap and use the bag with the chain strap for dinners and slightly dressier occasions. I think the black works well for this, but I don’t know if nude goes as well day to night. I think it would be more of a spring/summer bag vs the year round use of black. I echo the previous commenter that nude will be less carefree in that you may have to worry about staining vs the black bag. However, if you are looking to diversify your colors in your handbag collection, nude nylon is probably the most worry free option for a lighter color since it is hearty and probably easier to clean than a leather should it get dirty. Good luck with your decision! Either way, I am sure you will love the style! It is so functional and fashionable.
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  4. So I love both - but I feel like black is safest and most classic Prada! It also shows wear the least which is always a plus...

    Do let us know what you get!
  5. I couldn't decide either so I got the crossbody in the black and the other in the nude.:biggrin:
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  6. Well, that's a perfectly reasonable solution!
    (No, really, it is :yes::tup:)
  7. Ha, love it! Share some pics :smile:
  8. I will! (as soon as UPS gets here - one today and one Wednesday)
  9. Last week, I took the plunge and purchased in this bag in black and I am in love. :heart::heart: I hope you are enjoying yours as well!

    My only complaint is that the bag is slightly smaller than I expected based upon photos, but it still packs a punch.
  10. Can anyone share what fit’s in the bag? Thank you!
  11. Of you have a lot of dark coloured bags and they work well with your outfits, then black is your comfort zone so buy the black.

    I always thought that I had enough black bags, that I needed more variation. That there were gaps in my collection. I filled the gaps and after a while sold most of my couloured bags. I love the ones I still have and I almost stopped feeling guilty about not actually using them.

    If you miss a beige bag, try it out with a cheaper option just to see if the colour works for you. If you are so torn that you have to ask other people's advice, in my book that's my gut feeling already telling me not to do it. I would advise to go for the black one.
  12. I have a cardholder, zip coin purse, keys, Dior Lip Glow oil, standard lip balm, hand sanitizer (in the pouch!), gum, compact mirror, protein bar, pen & small tube of hand lotion. I could probably also squeeze a smaller pair of sunglasses in the bag, but it would be a tight fit.

    I had trouble fitting my LV Victorine wallet inside with the coin purse, which is why I downsized to a card holder. Empty, you could probably fit a wallet about that size, but wouldn't have room for much else.
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  13. NUDE!