Prada Quilted Roll bags

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  1. Hi, I'm hoping someone could help me. I'm planning to go to Italy later this year and decided that I should buy a bag, or two, that are iconic Italian designers. One of the ones I'm looking at is the Prada Quilted Roll bag, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the price of this bag, or any other Prada bags for that matter, over in Italy?

    Thank you so much :lol:
  2. Thanks JJ, but I was really hoping for the prices in Euros...
  3. Which part of Italy will u b visiting?? If u hv time visit the Prada factory outlet and u can shop till u drop. They hv really nice stuff and there r many designer factory outlets arounds there such as TODS, Celine, Fendi, Dolce, YSL, Gucci, BV etc. The place is abt 1/2 hr by train from Florence. U will luv it. I was there in 2003 and really shopped till i drop. Plan to go again in April this yr.
  4. We're planning on going to Florence along the way! I really want to go to this outlet as well. Were the Prada prices much cheaper than the stores? What was Gucci and Fendi like as well?
  5. U can get the classic Prada style at abt 40% off retail prices and also shoes at abt 80 euros, winter jkts at abt 200 euros, belts at 50 euros, shirts at 50 euros etc. Gucci was ok but Tods was gd , shoes at 135 -150 euros. U need to spend abt the whole day at Montervachi area to move around the outlets. Which part of the yr will u be going ?? During Summer, the queue can be quite long at the Prada outlet, so is best u go 1st thing in the morning.
  6. I'm hoping to get there this June or July. You mentioned that the summer queues are long, is it their summer your meaning? 40% off sounds likes a decent saving, better than nothing I suppose. So Gucci wasn't discount heaven?
  7. Yup, i mean their Summer which is around the time that u r going, So, better go there earlier. I do not really fancy Gucci, and also that time when i was there, their stuff was not great. Anyway, is still worth a visit cos the outlets are all pretty nearby by cab.
  8. well, then i suggest dividing the dollar prices by 1.3 and there you go.