Prada Question??

  1. Last week I saw a bag at Neimans - Prada like a brown patent leather, flap closure with a silver chain/leather handle. It was almost a hybrid between a flap and a hobo bag.

    Does anyone have any idea what it is called and how much it is? I should have bought it when I was at the store and now I can't describe it enough to have them send it to me.

  2. I think I know the style u saw.Let me see if I have apic of it...BRB
  3. thanks, jill!! you are the best!!
  4. jill - you are good -- it is the first one. i love that bag. thank you -- now, maybe i can better explain it to order it.
  5. You can also ask them to pull the card out and make sure the style number is BR3812. Prada makes a lot of similar bags with small variations and they'll have different style numbers.

    An aside on this bag: I wanted to get it myself, but if you didn't notice or try to use it, the flap has a pushlock closure just under where Prada is on the front of the bag. I messed with it a bit and found it to be a HUGE pain to get in and out of. Alternately, you could just leave it unlocked, but for that kind of money, I don't like having to accommodate ANY quirks in the design. But that's me. I'm a demanding old broad! :devil:
  6. ^^ Thank you -- I didn't notice. I loved the way it felt on and that was all I worried about. I am gonna' go look again and not order over the phone.