Prada Python

  1. Does anyone know where to get the (a) Prada Python bag? I don't know the style but it's like a hobo bag with two pockets on the side and one on the front. Anyone know what I'm talking about??:s
  2. i know the bag you speak of!

    my friend's mother bought a black leather prada (FW05 i think) hobo bag, but apparently it was she went back and traded it for the python bag. shes had it for a while, at least since february or march of this year...

    i dont know any details of it, other than that the python has held up really well for as long as she's used it (and she doesnt regularly change bags).

    BTW it is a very natural colored python...beigey-tan/creme...
  3. Yes that's the one! It's the more natural color....I have a feeling I will never find it.
  4. I think they have that on the Neimans site... although maybe its a different one
  5. Hi,

    I hope this is OK to do - but I actually have that purse that you're describing on eBay right now - I used to work at Marshall Fields and bought way too much stuff. I don't know how to connect links to this, but I know if you do a search for a Prada Python bag, mine will come up. I hope this helps and not too self promoting:yes: I'm still new to this

    **NO SELLING ON THE PF PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!*******