Prada Pushlock Bag

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  1. I don't have any Prada bags yet but I have been looking at them for a longtime. I am considering getting my first prada. I really like the gauffres but more in napa rather than the tessuto material. However I also like the pushlock satchel/handbag. For those of you who has the pushlock, is it easy to open and close? Can you do it with 1 hand or you need to take it off your shoulder to open and close? Can you also let me know which style you have as I know there is the pushlock but also the triangle pushlock which is on nieman marcus website right now. I guess i'm attracted to the simplicity of it and the pushlock. I'm into silver hardware but the gold hardware these days is nice too. I prefer the black and I saw at the Prada store just this past weekend. The SA said it's been coming out for the 6th year. Thoughts?
  2. I don't really like how this bag sits on the shoulder. One of the straps always falls down on me. Also, you do need to take it off your shoulder to open and close it because the shoulder straps are not that long and the reach over is a little awkward. JMO, but if you are looking for a comfortable "over the shoulder everyday bag," I would not go with this one.
  3. what would you recommend for an everyday over the shoulder satchel would you recommend?
  4. If you get the one handled version of this bag, it sits very well on the shoulder. I've got nearly invisible shoulders, so I'm always fighting to keep bags on my shoulders, but never with Prada bags and definitley not the single handle version of this bag.

    I sold mine, moving on to other things, but I never found the closure a problem either. I could manage it one-handed with no problems.
  5. Here you go. I found a picture on an old thread. I'm not sure if you can find this specific style or not. It's been in Prada's classic line for a while now though, so keep looking if you like it. The leather is YUMMY!

  6. thanks Prada Psycho. I will ask the Prada SA. Last week I went I saw the double handle so i'll have to check it out.
  7. I have the deerskin pushlock one, it's a versatile bag that you can use everyday and also in the evening. The one problem I have with it is the lock I feel like it's too heavy for the deerskin. The bag isn't so roomy either, not when you have a sunglasses case in it, it looks really bulky when you wear it on your's still a gorgeous piece, I first fell in love with the calfskin one about 4 years ago and now I finally have one in a deerskin