Prada purchase from Neiman Marcus

  1. Hey everyone

    I had recently pre-ordered the Resort collection Rose clutch from NM. They had charged my credit card and told me the product would ship out by the last week of December. I just checked my online bank balances and it seems like they have refunded my purchase. I called NM and they said that there is a back order on the clutch at the moment.

    I have never ordered anything from NM online or anything online really (I'm a very much have to have it right now girl). Is this normal? Just wanted to make sure I get my clutch without a long wait :push:


  2. There are so many threads about NM pulling these stunts that I can't even begin to point you to one.

    Bottom line: NM's online site stinks. Stick to buying in a real NM store or shop elsewhere online.
  3. If you want a Prada item carried by NM and you want to buy it from them (some items are made for the department stores and aren't carried by the boutiques -- I'm not sure about that clutch) you could call the sales rep I met at NM Short Hills and she could tell you/order it for you -- her name is Azeeta and they're at 973 912-0080 x 2189
    The "back order" thing would concern me -- as Prada sells things out (including the items they sell to department stores and don't carry in their own boutiques) so not sure how they're "back ordering" anything, so I would not be comfortable waiting for them. You can also try Bergdorf's for things as they're both owned by the same company and often have similiar stock.
  4. Thanks ladies!!

    This helps me a lot. I was getting a little sketchy as the sales rep over the phone said that they would email me w/ updates about the purchase, but I never received an email telling me that my order would be refunded.

    Jenskar: I will try calling Azeeta at the NM in Short Hills, is that in NY? Sorry I'm from Canada :sweatdrop:
  5. My past experiences with NM backorders were fine. I remember they also did that credit authorization and then refunding the credit deal with my orders. They just charged the card again when the goodies were sent later.

    There was a time they were delaying a pair of Miu Miu shoes for about a month. I didn't get an email but I did get a postcard informing of the delay. (calculated around another month) It gave out a phone number to call if I can't accept the delay and would rather cancel the order.