Prada Psycho's Collection

  1. Since I haven't figured thumbnails yet, I made up a small web page of my equally small (but loveable) collection. Click away:
  2. Great pieces.. I think I'm in love w/ your beige prada hobo TDF!
  3. Thanks for sharing with us :yes:
  4. Cute collection.
  5. I really like the Prada Hobo, too.
  6. Love the gold bag, it's so bling !
  7. Thanks guys! I've confused myself now calling them both beige hobos I need to give them both different names! I'm not sure which ones you like PurseFanatic85 and fendigal. :upsidedown:

    But thanks everyone. It was fun taking those photos and making that little webpage for my bags. Hmm, my dog has a page, now my bags have their own page. I'd better make one for my daughter now or she may go Mommy Shopping!!:shame:
  8. Your bags are abslutely stunning! A small collection but I'm impressed and jealous anyways.
  9. great collection, the gold is stunning!
  10. Pretty bags! I love the MJ's and Maxx bags!
  11. wow, cool prada collection u got there.. beige is such a beautiful color.
  12. Very nice collection! That Cognac Sienna is so pretty!
  13. Very nice collection! Thank you for sharing. I think your MJ cognac hobo is pretty (love that color)!!
  14. Very nice collection!
    Love the Prada hobo!
  15. You have a nice collection. Thanks for sharing.