Prada Prototype Auction, is any bidding or won anything?

  1. Prada is auctioning some of her prototype on Is anyone bidding on anything or has won some goodies already?


    p.s. You will see Bryanboy bidding on every one of them:nuts:.
  2. I checked it out and saw some cool stuff...but it's all a bit too pricey for me!

    Who is Bryanboy?
  3. oh my.... i need cpr stat!!!! i just saw a bag that could change my life.
  4. Which one???

    I'm looking right now too...I love the yellow open toed maryjanes!
  5. Check out to find out. :yes:
  6. ^^ Ohhh wow. He seems like quite a character lol but hey - he's got a picture of this guy with amazing abs ( on his site so he gets kuddos from me!
  7. Lol I'm not really a fan, I've just heard a lot about him.