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  1. Last night I purchased a Prada Cahier online from the private sale. I have the same bag in another color and love it so I chose the color Cinnamon thinking if I don't care for it I can exchange or return it. However, after looking at the color today I decided I do like it so no worries. But I saw one important thing I did not notice last night. All sale items are non returnable. I am probably the only person who did not see the notice but as a warning make sure you like what you purchase!
  2. Congratulations....Oh that's great.
    Could you please share prada private sales link.. because I am new to prada so I don't have access to sale.
    Thank you
  3. I have already deleted my email and cannot find it in my trash. However, have you signed up on their web site? Perhaps you can get in that way. The sale prices are 40% off and the Cahier was a very good reduction. However, there are not a lot of choices on the sale bags. If you aren't able to get in let me know and I will look again for a link for you.
  4. Hi,
    I tried but could not access it even after signing up.
    It would be so kind of you if you could provide me the link.
    Thank you
  5. I finally found my email and I was going to send the link to you but after reading the whole email I knew it was useless. One of the statements on the email (not quoted exactly) is this offer is only valid when signing into Prada from this email address in the USA. I don't know what country you are in and I wish I could help more but they were very specific. Do you have a friend who has an offer?
  6. A private sale is private. If you weren't invited, you shouldn't have access to it. Please have respect for that.
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  7. If you took offense to my response it's too bad as I was only trying to help. She is a new member and I don't think it was a lack of respect on her part nor on my part as I was only trying to help. After all, it's only a sale and yes I did have the email invitation. These bags are not inexpensive so perhaps she only wanted to purchase at a sale price. Who doesn't?
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    Everybody does, but not everybody is entitled to get what they want. Invitations exist for a reason.
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  9. They have changed their commercial strategy in 2019 before that it was used to open to public so they are just following other brands nothing else.No offense but before that they used to think everybody is entitled to all offers equally but now they just changed their policy nothing else. To be honest i don't find anything wrong in buying something at sale. it does not make any sense to me to buy something at full price which you can buy at discount with little efforts.
    Everybody has just different perspective.
  10. I have used Kate spade usa sale before because they don't ship directly to australia.
    Here at stores they don't offer that good offer.
    So this is what i was thinking to do for Prada also to buy from where i can find it cheap and then get it shipped to Australia.
    Thank you
  11. I have no problem with preferred customers getting preferential treatment.........they should get first call on any sale merchandise, imo.
    A few years ago my Prada SA told me that Prada was going the LV route with no markdowns at all. After a huge eyeroll my opinion was good luck with that and someone please take the crack pipe away from Miuccia. Of course that policy didn't last and I doubt Prada is doing well enough to continue with this current policy either.
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  12. The prices continue to increase at a startling rate so I am currently cautious about what I buy. Even though I love the bag style I purchased, I probably wouldn't have done so if I had bothered to read everything such as no returns or exchanges! My fault entirely.

  13. Even the sale prices are too exorbitant for me. I buy strictly pre-loved.
  15. Believe it or not Ebay.........just be sure to post here for authentication prior to purchase.
    Also Fashionphile, Yoogis and Ann's. I have purchased from them with no problem. As you are not U.S. based ask them if they ship overseas. And have the experts here for authentication, but those are reputable sites and stand behind their wares.
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