Prada Printed Saffiano, LV Kusama Speedy, OR LV Alma pm in red vernis?

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  1. Hello Ladies and Gents,
    I'm trying to decide between the following 3 bags:

    --Prada Printed Saffiano (Limited Edition)
    --Louis Vuitton Kusama blue speedy
    --Louis Vuitton Alma vernis pm in red vernis.

    I would like to see your opinions/votes, and what people like better. Would you be able to rate them in order from 1 to 3 which one you like better (1 is the one you like the most and 3 is the one you like the least)? See the images of all 3 bags below:

    Prada Printed Saffiano:

    LV Kusama Blue Speedy:

    LV Alma pm in Vernis (pomme/red):

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  2. Of course, I love all 3 of them, but obviously can't afford them all at once. :smile: So, looking forward to see your votes/opinions (which one #1, which one #2, and which one #3). Thanks in advance.
  3. Louis Vuitton Alma vernis pm in red vernis.
  4. I like my speedy, I take it around everywhere. My alma in red, however, I don't carry around at all; sometimes it just feels too stiff to take around and put everyday things in. I'm contemplating getting the saffiano next though, so for my scores speedy 1, saffiano 2, alma 3.

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  5. Ok, thanks ladies. So far, 2 votes: one vote puts Red Alma pm vernis on the 1st place, the other vote puts the same alma pm vernis on the 3rd place. So, I'm still deciding. Would like to see more votes, and which of the bags should be #1, #2, and #3. Thanks in advance. :smile:
  6. For me it's a tossup between the Speedy and Alma. It looks like you're going for more of a fun, interesting looking bag, so if that's the case then 1. Speedy, 2. Alma, 3. Prada
  7. Number 1: LV Speedy. Excellent quality, lightweight, waterproof, no mantainance, undestructible, versatile. It has it all.
    Number 2 ......I like the Prada but......I find it very expensive for what it is.....
    LV vernis....would be my number 3, I am biased, I don't like vernis...
  8. Red alma #1 for me! Then the LV speedy. I'd forget about Prada as their quality is terrible.
  9. LV Speedy 1st choice, 2nd Alma & Prada would be my last choice! GL
  10. Alma

    I wouldn't recommend the Prada, sorry.
  11. Aluxe, thanks a lot for your opinion. When you say you wouldn't recommend Prada,-- you mean that you don't like this particular Prada bag, or you don't like the Prada brand overall? Any particular reasons why you wouldn't recommend it (i.e. to be more specific, so I know all the pros and cons)? :smile:
  12. I'd get a totally diff bag other than these choices. There r so many others. The Prada isn't worth the price and its stiff n stuffy. The LV Kusama is dated w no shoulder strap. And the Alma is also stuffy and boxy w no shoulder strap. See how u feel after carrying THAT on ur arm all day!
  13. With regards to the Prada - that is a lot of money to walk around with a fairy all day. Now I have seen other fairy bags from Prada and they were cute-ish, but I would not recommend anyone buy them. It looks like a toy bag for some reason. :shrugs: Would you carry that bag a year from now? 5? How about 10?

    If you are not concerned with the longevity of a purchase (in terms of its style), then by all means, buy what makes you happy. But if you consider that you may get tired of walking around with a fairy, then the Prada is obviously on the no-buy list.

    Although I'm not a fan of the Kusama range, I think the small accessories are pretty. Still, I'd rather own that than the fairy bag. The Alma is a great bag, and a better option of the three IMO. You can wear that bag for years to come, unless patent leather, as a bag style, takes a nosedive.

    Anyway, there's my explanation. I emphasize that you must do what makes you happy. Life is too short, so enjoy - whatever you purchase next :smile:
  14. Thanks, Aluxe. I got your point, basically you would recommend getting something that is practical and can be worn and enjoyed years from now as much as right now. Makes sense. Agree, LV Alma vernis is a beautiful bag, the only thing, after seeing it in the store, now I like the MM/GM Alma better than the pm version. Somehow alma pm seems too small, and is not as much a statement maker as the bigger version (MM/GM). So, still deciding.. Thanks again for your input. :smile:
  15. I say go for the kusama speedy!
    I have the white one and love it.

    So Speedy is my #1
    Alma #2
    Prada #3
    Good luck deciding