Prada Prince's Collection...

  1. Here's my collection for now... Small I know... I tried to get all the bags into the picture, but I'll post individual pictures when I get them...

    1) Balenciaga Greige Weekender
    2) Christian Dior Camel Baudrier
    3) Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Deer Horn Sling
    4) Prada Bowling Bag
    5) Miu Miu Men's Tote
    6) D&G Dolce & Gabbana Creme Denim messenger
    7) Christian Dior Blue Logo Denim messenger
    8) Christian Dior Blue Trotter sling
    9) Prada Messenger Bag
    10) Burberry Messenger Bag
    11) Hermes Creme Sling
    12) Gucci Black Logo Denim Sling
    13) Yves Saint Laurent Sling
    14) Christian Dior Travel Blue Denim Boston Bag
    15) D&G Dolce & Gabbana beach Sling
    16) Miu Miu white canvas shopping bag
  2. Here's my Balenciaga Weekender, Yves Saint Laurent Deer Horn Sling, Prada Bowling, Miu Miu tote and Burberry messenger bag...
    306342416_661f801c8d.jpg 306342406_ef6f798617.jpg 346465226_66380b106c.jpg 297985984_4ef3654be0.jpg 302808116_d92e430aac.jpg
  3. Very nice collection!
  4. i love your balenciagas!
  5. love the miumiu tote!
  6. beautiful collection!
  7. Very nice!!! Congrats!
  8. Gorgeous! thanks for sharing.
  9. great collection
  10. I love your bbag and prada bag!! :yahoo:
  11. Very nice :smile:
  12. nicee collection! congrats! :yes:
  13. Thank you for the lovely compliments... I'll put up more photos asap...
  14. You have a very nice collection. The Burberry tote has a very unique look to it...congrats on a great and versitile collection!
  15. wow wow wow