Prada porcelain tea set

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  1. Hello! A while ago i purchased this tea set inspired by the floors at the prada stores. Never seen it after that. Does anyone know anything about it/where to purchase more of it?

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  2. Send an email to Prada Corporate and ask them. I've never seen Prada make anything like this before. It may have been a special item for some particular reason, but again, I've never seen Prada make dining/kitchen type items before, only know that Hermes does.
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  3. the set looks quite cute :smile: did you purchase only 1-person set?
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  4. How cool! Perhaps it was a special LE or PR item that made its way to a boutique and got sold. Let us know what you find out from Prada corp!
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  5. Already Asked them, here is the answer:

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  6. I got one teapot, two cups, and two plates. Couldnt bring more since i was travelling :sad:
  7. Found this blog that features the Prada store in Miami’s Design District. The last photo showcases the porcelain collection, which includes your tea set:

    It’s dated 2018 so I think your chances are good if you call up the store and ask if they still have some.
  8. oh... that's sad... but quite enough at least for tea party of 2 :smile: hope you can find more
  9. Very beautiful tea set.