Prada Popularity

  1. Hey ladies, I used to love love love prada a few years ago when black in NYC was all i'd wear. then i got bored of course and moved onto color and other brands. But now i'm seeing a lot their handbags have improved in style, color and material (love the new leathers). in fact, i just bought on summer sale the Sacco in Tessuto in Black (looks like a hobo but with one big zipped pocket in front and the large Prada triangle). I haven't bought anything nylon in a long time from them, but it's pretty practical when i'm running around with my babies, plus i paid 30% less. their shoes of course are just too cool.

    is prada still popular? the big logos are, like LV and Gucci, and Prada is simple in comparison (which i like too).

    is prada very or more popular in italy or the u.s.? i'm intrigued by what italian/mainland european women consider their top brands. i know about the main prada store in italy which i haven't been to yet. a colleague of mine was able to pick up some cute makeup bags from there for nothing.

    thanks in advance for the replies!
  2. Hi! I am from Italy so I bet I can reply you :P
    Well, the most popular brands where I live are Gucci (in fact I loved it but now I'm soooo tired, so many fakes!) and Vuitton. Prada is popular too, the shoes American Cup sold a loooot here, I'm telling you this because Prada is popular both for bags and shoes.
    Ask me any other questions :smile:
  3. I like some Prada bags, but I'm not a lover of it. If I saw something (like beyonce's bag) and I really liked it, I would get it. Many of us on this forum are starting to turn over to the Prada side since the subforum was created.
  4. MU...HA..HA..HA.....I shall convert YOU ALL to PRADA........HEE!HEE!!!!
  5. Jill it's really scary how you can persuade all of us to come to the Prada forum. I don't even own a Prada bag and I hang out here.
  6. Pradas are like potato chips: once you get a taste you can't stop at one. :yahoo:

    Right, Jill?:wlae:
  7. I love Prada! I like the brand's understated elegance. I'm not too fond of items with lots of logos/monograms from other brands.
  8. I agree, I'm love bags and have almost 50 of all brands, yet I only own 2 Pradas, one of them which I just bought on Monday! I'm more into their coats/jackets though..

    Well if they keep coming up with gorgeous bags like the Antic Cuervo collection, u can bet I'll be in a Prada store in the near future and parting with my credit card!
  9. I was big into Prada 4 or 5 years ago when the bowling bags and nylon bags were the hottest thing...and now my love is returning for the logo jacquard line. I've always loved the type of leather they use. I think the popularity of Prada is on the rise.
  10. wow everyone, thanks for your replies!!! i was wondering where all the prada ladies were.

    i'm just starting to get back into it. i think it's because i'm tired of the logo/bling-bling years, so simplicity is starting to attract me again.

    i do though like Victoria Beckham's Gauffre bag (spelling correct?). I can hardly find any info on the web. Are there different sizes? I like it b/c it's something different for Prada.

    And that's what I'm starting to notice; that Prada's handbags have been experimenting their look into color and different materials. i love the cuervo bags; some of them are not practical, like the ones with the tiny side zippered pockets, but oh so yum to touch.

    alice - is color big in terms of handbags and shoes in italy as well?
  11. ^ Go to my thread that starts with" OMG..I just ordered" has alot of info about the GAUFFRE Line..I just got one.
  12. Here's my new Prada. Not your usual garden variety style at ALL for Prada! I just want to bury my face in this one! It's lambskin leather inside and out and soft as a baby's tushie. Yuuuummmmm!:tender:

  13. alice - is color big in terms of handbags and shoes in italy as well?[/quote]

    Me stupid, I didn't understand your question.... sorry!!! :crybaby:

    If you were asking about popularity of Prada's shoes I think they are as popular as the bags. I think in my area (Treviso) the most popular is:
    1) Gucci
    2) Vuitton
    3) Prada
    Gucci and Prada are veryyyy popular also for shoes while Vuitton's shoes are not popular.