Prada Pony Hair Bag 2007

  1. Last week, I bought a beautiful pony hair Prada in a leopard print and, of course, I carried it all week. Yesterday, I noticed that the hair on one side of the bag, where the bag hits my hip, was gone.:crybaby:
    I took it to the store where I purchased it and the store replaced it for me. However, I am sure that the hair will simply wear off again. I spoke briefly with a sales assistant at Barney's who said that such a bag could not be an every day bag, but rather a special occasion bag to be brought out once in a blue moon and then returned to its white dust bag! Arghh! Whilst I could limit its outings I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about how to protect my pretty pony!

  2. That's why I've never bought anything pony hair, not bags or shoes. It is very fragile! Can you exchange it or get a store credit?
  3. I looked at a Miu Miu pony hair a couple of years ago and the SA talked me out of it, because I was considering using it for everyday.