Prada Pleated Leather $899 (overstock)

  1. I'm hesitant to buy anything "designer" from I bought a Tiffany's necklace a while back and they had everyone send it back due to the fact that it was a fake.
  2. I recently bought a balenciaga part-time bag from overstock and IT IS REAL! I was worried at first also, but I decided to just try it and see since they do have a return policy. I went to Barneys to get the bag authenticated and IT IS REAL!!! =)

    So if you really like the bag, sabrinahchan, doesn't hurt to give it a try. =) it is a really good deal afterall.
  3. matachichi, if you don't mind telling, what was the overstock price on the part time?
  4. It was $999 with 10% off coupon, so I got it for $900. There was a weekender there too for $899 but somebody got it. I think it was also 10% so it was $800.

    I was told that Overstock might have fakes, but I think I was lucky enough to find a real one. :yahoo:

    Oh, it was black.
  5. Terrific deal! Hope to find one like that soon! Congrats!!!
  6. I've also seen Pony hair from the Holiday collection, a red one, and a lilac a few months ago... so check the website once in a while... you might find some good deals. =)
  7. How do you get the 10% off?
  8. I ordered the Prada Pleated Leather Satchel on Overstock - $999 - 10% on Saturday.. I got the last one. But today I am agonizing about it because I am not sure if it is real.. The same bags are on Bag Borrow and Steal - so I compared the photos - i think the photos look different (logo, quality of leather, etc.) and am panicking that maybe the Overstock bags aren't real. I called and tried to cancel my order but they said it was too late to cancel (but of course I can return it). Here are the pictures of both bags on the 2 sites - the first photo is the BagBorrowSteal, the next photos are the Overstock (black and brown on the satchel). I've read the opinions of the TPFers on Overstock's authenticity and some say they've received real bags and others feel they've received fake bags. Am I panicking for no reason? Maybe Overstock just doesn't have a good quality picture? What do you think??
    bagborrowstealprada.jpg overstockblackpradasatchel.jpg overstockbrownpradasatchel.jpg begborrowstealblackpradahobo.jpg overstockblackpradahobo.jpg
  9. I bought Gucci sunglasses on overstock and they were authentic, I know for sure!
  10. I got a Prada frame bag from Overstock and it is real. I took it to a Prada boutique to get it authenticated. =)
  11. Thanks for the encouragement! I love this bag and have my fingers crossed it is the real thing!! I'm not an expert on Prada and hate to think of getting a $900 fake! Hopefully they are just poor photos.. As far as the 10%, I googled " coupon" and found a site that had a 10% coupon for new customers.. I think it was It worked!
  12. I took a chance and ordered a Chloe a few months ago. It was definitely fake. Proof positive (for me) that even huge retailers occasionally fall victim to counterfeiters.
  13. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Please let us know if it's fake or real when you get it. =)