Prada Pink Patent Bowler - Pic!

  1. Picture from Prada SA - price is about $2300, not sure of size but its smaller than the one Jill received with the funky gold handles!
  2. That is a cute bag.
  3. Cute but EXPENSIVE!!!! :wtf:

  4. I agree!
  5. aren't they all :crybaby:
  6. r u keepin ??LOL??
  7. Nope - this is just a picture, never had it sent to me. I saw the price in ELLE magazine so I am really glad it was not sent to me! I am not loving the patent leather. Like you said, nice on shoes, not so nice on bags....
  8. don't like it, sorry.
  9. Hi Cougess, I saw this bag in Prada boutique in Milan the other day. I would say that the IRL it looks nicer than in the picture. The size is pretty big though, at least too big for me. They also have a smaller size in the same style. That one looks quite cute actually.

    Jill, this is the pink patent leather bag I saw in Milan for which I remember the metal part is rather silver than gold.
  10. would prefer it in silver gradation but not pink. :push:
  11. I like it == would love to see it IRL.