Prada phone? I am soooooo tempted

  1. But is it indulgent and silly? I love the look of it, completely don't need it and am seriously tempted to spend £400 on it - madness, isn't it? Isn't it? Please help!
  2. totally not into any electronic gadgets so would never spend that much on it but hubby easily would so I understand if one likes it. if you don't mind the cash i say go for it (i do like fancy stuff :smile:

    enjoy and have a nice sunday
  3. And because I can't bear to be the only one suffering like this . . . :devil: tempting. . tempting all those lovers of small objects of desire out there in TPF land with this picture attached . . .
    Prada phone.jpg
  4. Oh no, don't waste your money on an electronic gadget that will, in all probability, be outmoded in about five months. You practically have another purse for that amount of money!
  5. I like it - but personally I want to wait for the Iphone
  6. My daughter wants this phone, haven't seen IRL yet. Will be interested to see it!
  7. i want the dolce and gabbana razr. my hair dresser has one, and im going to see it today! yay. i just love to look at it!
  8. I want this phone too!! Boo, does anyone know if it will be coming to US?
  9. I would love this phone but I just couldnt spend so much when I know in a couple of months it will only be worth £200. Ive bought phones for this much before and allways ended up regreting No. :smile:

  10. ITA.
  11. Would rather have a new bag than a phone.....just not into them.

  12. I want it.
  13. ITA also..

    And besides, you also said that you really don't need it, so if you have a perfectly good phone now, I'd stick with that one.
  14. From the looks of it in that picture you doesn't look all that fancy.

    I wouldn't spend my money on it!
  15. Buy some Prada shoes, or something.