Prada phone case

  1. Hey everyone! To those of you who owns a prada phone, just wondering if you're using the case or if you're using something else?
  2. When my boyfriend still had it, he was constantly using the little nero saffiano case that it came with. Now he has an Nokia N95, which comes with an odd drawstring bag, but he's used to pulling the phone out that way because of the Prada phone beforehand

    There are little silicon cases that you can buy to fit the prada phone and protect it, but you'll probably have to get that on eBay or something.
  3. i wonder how many people here have the prada phone.
  4. how do u guys like the prada phone? does anyone have the new prada silver??? which do u guys thinks looks/is better???

    my bro is about to order one for me lol! thought id research it!