Prada Perfume

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  1. One of the ladies that I work with was wearing the New Prada perfume. She didn't know the name of it, but she said it just came out a couple of weeks ago.

    I looked it up and its called D'Iris, or something along those lines....

    Anyone have it or suggest that I purchase it?

  2. I love the smell of the Prada colognes.
  3. Prada Infusion d'Iris

    It has lovely iris and orange blossom notes, so I kind of like this one. It is really, really light! It's kind of soft and summery too, so I don't know why they are launching this in the late fall.

    If you just spray a tiny bit, you won't smell anything in a few hours, but you get a 50 ml bottle ($68) so that's not too bad.

    I may just buy this one. The bottle is pretty too.