Prada Patent Fade Bag - not the tote

  1. ok - I've been holding out. Got this a few weeks ago - I'm a sucker for the "fade" look and I have the matching heels (and yes, I know matchy matchy is out!).:smile: Pics aren't that great - bag was partially shaded by the tree. The color in the last pic is the most accurate.

    Front of bag


    Back of bag
  2. I said it on the other thread, Cougess: I don't normally like patent, but this variation ROCKS!! :rochard:

    Geez, I LOVE THAT BAG!!! :love:
  3. great bag...can you also post the matching shoes
  4. It's gorgeous!!! :tup:
  5. OMG this bag is gorgeous!!! :nuts: Where did you get it? It's like a Speedy crossed with the Prada fade color! LOVE!
  6. OMG I love it! Congrats!!:yahoo: Makes me want to exchange my non-patent satchel for this one! Please post the matching shoes - would love to see them!
  7. Pretty!
  8. Where did you buy this if you don't mind me asking? I love this bag!
    Hope you enjoy!
  9. Beautiful, love it!!
  10. LOVE THIS COLOR COMBO!!!!!So hot!
  11. love the color, love the lock. congrats on a sexy bag
  12. I'm glad everyone likes this bag - I'm surprised!
    I purchased this from Prada on Madison. NM has this in the grey patent fade version on its website. I'll post the matching pumps soon. Need to remember where I put them and take some pics! :yes:
  13. Cougess, is the grey fade the same color combo in this pic? I am MAD for this bag! You have corrupted me! :yes:
    Madonna Prada.jpg
  14. Absolutely TD4!!! I love it!
  15. LOVE IT!!! congrats. Ok, I admit I like matchy matchy shoes and bags too, i think more do than care to admit it! I have a chanel patent flap in nude and matching louboutin patent sling backs, so, call the fashion police! At least they are authentic! Wear them together with PRIDE girlfriend!