Prada Oversized Pleated Clutch

  1. I fell in love with this oversize clutch at Saks today. It's just so soft and buttery! Do any of the ladies here own this clutch? What is it called? How does it hold up?

  2. That is from Prada's "Dressy" Line and I have the slightly larger version handbag style. It has side pockets, handle and a detachable shoulder strap. I absolutely love the bag, the leather and the convenience that the side pockets provide. I find it to be a very classic look as well!

    Here is a picture of mine that I posted a while back!
    PICs of my 2 passions.......come see!!

  3. Miu2:
    Your bags are soo beautiful! My Saks didn't even have the handbag style. After I saw the clutch, I knew that I had to have it came home with me! :heart:

  4. I really like that clutch! Very classy and classic looking!