Prada Overload and the others, too!

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  1. So I got to play hookie today and meet a dear friend in NYC and SHOP! In 5 hours, we managed to hit Prada, Bergdoff's, eat a fabulous lunch at Bergdoff's, then Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior.

    My friend, who has always been a jewelry addict, is slowly moving on to handbags and asked me to help her "pick out a new bag." Ha!! We narrowed the list down to about TWELVE!

    She wanted to see "EVERYTHING."

    First stop- Prada, on 5th, where we treated exeptionally nicely. I think she tried 20 bags there and maybe I did 10. She's tiny at 5 feet and a size 2 so she only goes for small bags. She fell in love with a small fringed tote that looked adorable on her. And then a framed satchel... and then a pre-fall beauty, small black leather with a chunky chain handle (Chanel-like, with leather wrapped in the chain). I LOVED that one!

    On to Bergdoff's... OMG, I think we hit EVERY floor, spending a good amount of time in shoes. She did buy a pair of Miu Miu's -- a pair I've been eyeing for weeks -- navy patent with a gold stiletto heel -- THUD! They didn't have my size -- but she did manage to scoop them up!

    She spotted another Prada bag -- a small. envelope style with scruptious leather, with a long fringed strap... looked adorable on her! She loved it! But wanted to see more, more, more!

    7th Floor at Bergdoff's for lunch -- lobster salads -- phenomenal! The bread was amazing, too! We also split a choc/vanilla mousse that was the best I've ever tasted.

    Across the street to LV -- she tried another ten bags, mostly mono... we went to the second floor to look at luggage, too AND -- the SA apologized for the appearance of the store -- "we have an event here this evening." We started playing with all the luggage and I totally forgot to ask about the event! Does anyone know what it was for???

    Down the street to Chanel! Woohoo! There was ONE baby cabas in white -- gorgeous! Even my friend tried it and surprisingly loved it but we both agreed that white is not a color for either of us to drop that kind of $$$$ ! The SECOND we put it down, two women kind of argued of which of them was waiting to try it next. That was funny! I sort of hung back to watch the fight while my friend ran around the store trying many other bags. She had a REALLY annoyingly unhelpful SA and I could see that my freind was feeling uncomfortable.

    So I walked over and said, "You know, if you don't feel like helping us today, why don't you simply excuse yourself and ask one of your co-workers to assist us?" :P

    (I'm sorry, I just DON'T stand for crappy treatment in a high-end boutique. I just don't... AND, we were very nice and polite the whole time!

    Within a nano-second though, a male SA standing nearby heard me and jumped in so nicely! "Ladies, how may I help you... what would you like to see?" (He practically jumped in front of Miss NastyPants and she walked off...)

    He was wonderfully kind and we enjoyed the rest of the visit. But it was getting late and my friend was now rattling off every bag we saw today trying to make up her mind... I told her to relax and think it over for a day or so and try to narrow the field and she'd eventually pick one. So we strolled back to our cars, sans new bag, but oh did we laugh today! We stopped at Prada again -- she wanted to see the small fringed tote again -- I gotta say, in a smaller dose and on a small woman, that bags looks FABULOUS!

    She decided to think about it realizing that she won't wear it for "everyday" and not for summer as she liked the dark brown. I agreed -- this bag does look "fall/winter." I think she's stuck on this bag and the other with the fringed strap... wwe'll see!!

    We had a BLAST and I just wanted to share. I normally like shopping alone and doing what I want, but today was so fun 'coz it was all about bags and we went straight to bag heaven!!! :wlae:
  2. So cool..Wish I was there ..LOL..HOW FUN!!!!
  3. I wish I was there too! Good on you for telling that SA your mind when she was making your friend uncomfortable! Otherwise, it sounds like a wonderful FUN time! :nuts:
  4. Oh how cool!! Glad you had a fabulous time!!
  5. Sounds like a fun day! What's Bergdoffs?
  6. Oh lucky you! Sounds like a fab day and good on you for standing up re the rude SA - I'm all for that...
    I had an anniversary trip to NYC with my DH last year and managed to get about 2 hrs' bag shopping in the whole 4 days - would love to come back with a like minded girl friend. Let us know what your friend decides.
  7. How fun! Thanks for sharing. =)
  8. Valley -- Bergdoff's is a high-end dept. store, on 5th, right across the street from LV. To me, it's like going to church! I pray a lot in there... :P

  9. So it wasn't a typo? I thought you meant Bergdorf! :shame:

    The biggest city I've lived in during my entire half-century (and then some) on this planet was Charlotte. I'm convinced there's a big city girl lurking in me. I'd KILL to have the boutiques you mentioned available to browse. :sad:
  10. wow, sounds like you gals had a fantastic time! i wish i was there.....
  11. Prada Psycho ~ It IS a typo! I meant Bergdorf! The dept. store! Being near those boutiques is a blessing and a curse. It's so fun to shop and look and browse but... my finances don't normally keep up with their displays! :smile:
  12. ^Oh Minnette!!! I want to go shopping w/ you too!!!! You sound like so much fun!!! Which bag did you carry today!?!
  13. Emmy, do call me when you head south! I wore my black Gauffre stachel :yes: with a black, knee length pencil skirt, white cotton blouse with 3/4 sleeves -- left the black and white jacket in the car tho -- it was HOT! And black pumps.

    You know what was fun -- wearing that bag every which way possible up and down and all over 5th Ave! Hahahahahaaaa!
  14. :yes:SO COOL! It's too bad tPF members can't organize a shopping junket. We could actually get to know one another and have too much fun doing it!
  15. ^^^Check out the tPF Meetings subforum in the General Discussion forum. It happens all the time! I've been to one myself. Great fun!!