Prada outlet made in china?

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  1. Hi! Would anyone know if the prada bags at the outlet in hk, are made in china? I am planning to go there soon. It might not be worthwhile to go though if this were true. :sad:
  2. I heard that they were making some bags in China, but not sure if they are Prada outlet. I wonder why no prada bag actually has the words, made in china on it though
  3. I have seen one that said made in china. And the authenticity card indicated it came fr. Space hongkong.
  4. If the bag is made in china then legally it MUST have those words somewhere. If you look very hard you will eventually find the label with the Made in ... details. It might be well hidden at the bottom of the bag, or inside one of the pockets, but it should be there.

    If there is no label then grill the SA's about its origin. They won't know (in all probability) but it will make them aware that discerning clients DO know what Prada is up to.
  5. Some are made in italy some are made in china