Prada Outlet in Germany

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  1. Hi!

    I will be visiting Munich and Dussledorf soon and was wondering if there are any outlets in those areas that carry Prada.

  2. There is an outlet center in Roermond, Netherlands. It is about an hour away from Dusseldorf and the only one in that area. I was in the Prada outlet store once or twice, but it's not really worthwhile ... and since I heard about the "made in China" tags, I'm not interessted to go there anymore.
  3. Prada Outlet is in Austria (Parndorf), it's not far away.
  4. Parndorf does have a nice Prada outlet, but it is about five hours away from Munich (it's on the "wrong" side of Austria;)). I don't know about Dusseldorf, but the only outlets close to Munich I can think of are Ingolstadt Village and McArthurGlen Salzburg and both don't carry Prada. Sorry!