Prada or YSL muse bag? Pls help

  1. Hi Purse lovers,

    I’m so confused to buy Prada shoulder bag or YSL muse (still large or medium?) bag. I’m 5’2 petite, so usually carry smaller bags. Currently I decided to buy bigger bag, which is very stylish. I travel a lot, so I want own a bigger bag to put my all things in it. Pls help, any suggestions, any other brands?:s

  2. NMV9859_mn.jpg



    here's the pic's
  3. ysl muse
  4. I love the YSL muse. It's a great classic bag. I travel often and it's roomy and stylish. The Prada bags seem nice, too, but I'm not too fond of huge, overpowering logos.
  5. i think the muse is gorgeous but if it comes in 2 sizes and you are worried about it weighing down your small size, then get the medium one

    but i think it is a beautiful bag!
  6. YSL muse in large. Very roomy!
  7. YSL Muse for sure!
  8. no doubt, YSL MUSE!! it's a beautiful bag.
  9. muse.
  10. muse
  11. Thank you all! :yahoo:
  12. i vote for the Muse
  13. Muse! And in the smaller size to fit your frame better... :yes:
  14. Definitely the Muse - I would go with the medium.
  15. YSL!
    The prada bowling bag is classic but the YSL is cuter