Prada or Miu Miu

  1. i just received my half-year bonus yesterday :yahoo: and wanna reward myself for a new bag. i'm considering 2 bags

    miu miu

    i recall it's from the spring collection, but i just love the pattern and variation of colors. indeed, i got the miu miu nappa spring satchel in camel already
    and just think whether i should get a 2nd miu miu

    prada grey tote

    i don't have a grey bag and wanna get one..

    which one do you think is better? thanks for any opinions.. :smile:
  2. I like the size and shape of Miu Miu more.
  3. Really tough decision. I vote for both! However, if you're only allowing yourself one (for now), I vote for the Miu Miu...the texture is more unique.
  4. ooh very tough decision.. they both have different feels.. the miu miu is maybe more casual? and still beautiful of course! and the prada is more dressy and may be good for office as its more structured? and fab with winter wardrobe.
    ..what look would you do the most??
    im leaning towards the prada..
    good luck x
  5. I like the first one the best. But of course it's different from person to person.
  6. If you've not seen the Glace Zipper Tote in person, you might want to think about the "smoosh factor" if that's important to you. The Prada is very, very stiff leather. No smoosh at all. Also, I'm not conviced yet how durable that Glace treatment is. The Miu Miu Spring tote gives you smoosh and needless to say the price is a LOT better. Plus it's nappa so no worried on the durability of the finish. ;)

    Personally I do NOT like that Miu Miu Patch tote at all. It reminds me of something, but I'm not sure what. Just not feeling that one and it's the same price as the Prada.

    Edit note:Oops! I just re-read your post and saw you HAVE the Spring tote. :blush: That being said, I'd suggest that you keep looking. I'm guessing you prefer smooshy since you do have the Spring tote. Did you see the Prada in Nathansgirl1908's First Prada thread? Now that's a nice bag!
  7. they both look gorgeous but i prefer the Miu Miu
  8. thanks ladies for your opinions. :tup:
    i paid visit to prada and miu miu tonight. the prada tote looks more dark grey in person. i saw this color in frame bag also and struggling whether to get it. however, the handle is too short and with some "casing" (that silver shiny stuff) which makes the handle so heavy.. so i give up.
    for the tote itself, the double zippers looks a bit "loud" to me, which makes me have a second thought..
    then visited miu miu and tried the bag in person, it's special and the color variation is so unique. i've asked the SA to keep it on hold for 2 days. if i cannot come by another bag within these days, then i may probably get it..
  9. Out of those three, I like the second one (miu miu). I know you have the spring satchel but that's the one I like best!
  10. i really like the miu miu
  11. I didn't much like the patchwork earlier this year but the variation on the leather looks really rich. I think the Prada would be a great summer into fall, winter into spring bag with the color fade -- they're really different that way and would I think suit different needs. The Prada is always going to look dressier, even with jeans.
  12. I :heart: the Miu Miu bag