Prada or LV Sling Bag ???

  1. Any suggestion if I should get a LV or Prada sling bag. I like to have a sling bag so that I can free my hands when carrying my baby. I hope to be able to put some of her diapers, wipes and maybe a set of clothing in the bag. In a dilema and don't know which model and design I should be getting. Can you all give me some advice. Thanks :smile:
  2. How about this? I personally like LV better cos its leather :smile:
  3. LV definitely.

    I don't think Prada stand by their workmanship.
  4. I'd recommend Prada over LV.
  5. LV all the will be very satisfied!
  6. since a baby is involved, i actually say prada. the material seems like it would be better suited for baby spit up and all sorts of mommy mishaps. i hate to dirty LV.
  7. I'd say LV :smile:
  8. I would get a nylon Prada if you have a little baby. The spit up gets everywhere and you can just wipe it off. That being said, I do use my LV's as diaper bags, but my DD's almost 2 and I think they'll go into hibernation if another baby ever comes along. Good luck deciding!
  9. tresorchic, the LV bag you recommend, Monogram Canvas Messenger PM Bosphore, is under the MENS range. Is the bag very manly?

    photoobessive & turtlejd, what design would you recommend for Prada?
  10. I prefer LV over Prada
  11. i'd vote for prada nylon sling bags as it's easier to clean and much lighter. the nylon bags also tend to hold a lot more. i use a prada nylon sling bag as my diaper bag. i've used the same bag for for nearly 4years and it's still ok...i used it since my daughter was born and am using it for my 12months old now.
  12. maria28. which model of the prada bag are you using?

    By the way, what other LV bags are suitable?
  13. I would go for the prada nylon bag as well. It's easy to keep clean.
  14. i've attached the bag i use. it's from prada sport line and it's washable at 40C or you can send it to dry clean. i'm kind of particular that a baby bag has to be clean :p . i used to use a large tote from the normal prada nylon line and stopped using it as the handles are leather, thus can't be washed.
    IMG_5041.jpg IMG_5040.jpg
  15. prada prada prada....:yahoo: