Prada or Celine?

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Which bag?

  1. Prada Saffiano Tote BN 1786

  2. Celine mini Luggage

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  1. Prada That is a gorgeous bag

    It probably isn't Celine's fault but I am sick to death of that trapeze shape that every designer has felt compelled to imitate
  2. ITA. Whilst I liked it at the beginning, I couldn't pull the trigger.
  3. I prefer the Prada. I think you'll get more use out of it and it's more classic so you'll be able to use it for years to come, while the Celine is trendy and may not be so cool in a couple years.
  4. I agree 100%!
  5. Prada. It's classy and stylish. It'll last you forever. Celine is too trendy. In 2 years it'll be old trend.
  6. Prada is timeless and understated its the Audrey Hepburn of bags :cool: IMO
  7. Prada. Celine makes a beautiful bag, but I agree with what everyone said about them being trendy. Plus, Celines are HEAVY.
  8. Prada.
  9. I didn't vote, I like them both and I have friends that have one or the other. Both look smart and 'clean'.

    Personally. I don't care what's trendy or not but I would feel strange walking around with a bag that lots of people are also carrying. It's what I like and whether it fits with what's my style and purpose.

    If I were you I would visualise yourself carrying one and then the other. If you bought the Prada would you still feel you were missing out on the Celine and vice versa. Think about your clothes, whilst they are both close on paper (black, large, totes etc) I think there is also enough difference in general style to think about which one goes more with your own.

    The luggage softens after a time but I do like the smooth leather versions and the 'chunky' look.

    The Prada is very smart but you can not overload it without it looking stuffed but I do like the matte effect of the S Leather.
  10. I'd go with Prada as well.
    Those ''Celine shaped'' bags drove me crazy for the longest time,I so wanted to grab each one I saw,and push the sides back in:roflmfao:
  11. Love PRADA..
  12. Prada!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Both are beautiful bags but i always consider the weight of a bag because it is very portabt cuz i don't want to lunge around heavy bags😵

    So i always scratch out the Mini because of the weight factor
  14. When I first saw the Celine I loved it but now it seems trendy. It's still a very nice bag, it wouldn't be a mistake at all to get it, but the Prada will be classic forever.