Prada online? Looking for nylon messengers

  1. Are there any reputable online retailers that stock the nylon messengers - I'm after a practical bag for Uni/work and can't quite find what I'm looking for. I usually use Styledrops or Raffaello Network and they have a limited range at the moment. Oh and I'm based in the UK so would probably have to be somewhere that ships internationally.

    Many thanks!
  2. Try've also see some on Neimans/Saks website...Also try Bluefly...Good luck!!
  3. Yeah I've already tried Styledrops. None of the others you mention ship to the UK (why oh why did Shop The States close down :cursing::cry: )

    I quite like this one on Styledrops - just need something practical to carry my basics for college:

    Prada handbags and purses
  4. Very nice..Does Styledrops ship to the UK?
  5. Yes Styledrops and Raffaello ship to the UK, thank goodness! I need my Prada/Miu Miu fix somehow :biggrin:
  6. Try Berdorf Goodman, NM and Saks online. When I was looking, I found 4 different colours - black, dark brown, camel type colour and royal blue.... approx $385 US and I am pretty sure they deliver overseas.... goodluck
  7. Yeah I think they all ship to England if you ring them. I miss Shop The States so much - I used to order from NM and Saks online all the time :sad: