Prada on sale with additional 50% off!!!

  1. For our jersey folks.. i found the following bags last night at the Neiman Marcus Last Call store at the Jersey Gardens Mall (ELizabeth, NJ)

    I believe it was this one in white for $265 + tax!!! [​IMG]

    ...and this one in quite a few in white and a couple left in black for the same price $265+ tax!!!


    good luck :smile:
    prada on sale.jpg
  2. wow, great deal! too bad im all the way in california.. =/
  3. Can you also use the NM last call coupon posted on this forum for an additional 20% off?
  4. thanks for the info.
  5. i'm not sure... i didn't know about the 20% off coupon until today... would be awesome tho if they could add it on!

    if you plan on going, you should do it as soon as possible... the jersey gardens mall gets packed on the weekend and there were only 2 black ones left last night (i was there right before closing time) and about 10 of the white ones...

    good luck :smile:
  6. Me too! The closed last call is at stateline.:sad:
  7. wow AWESOME deal! too bad i'm not in jersey anymore!
  8. Can they do charge and send?
  9. I called NM in NJ, they do take order over the phone. But the hobo one is around 325+ and only in white. I was gonna get it if it $265, since it a lil too much and I don't really the style.. So I passed.
  10. does anyone know how big the second bag is??
  11. OMG! What great prices!
  12. what a great find. i should def. check out jersey gardens..didn't realize they had a NM Last Call there~
  13. i'm so jealous, i'm on the other side of the the country! happy shopping ladies.
  14. There are some Prada bags on sale at Off 5th with additional 20% off.
    The largest bag, very similar to the first one buth with two vertical leather strips, was $430+ 20%off = $344. After 25% coupon the price is $258 + tax.
    There were some smaller nylon bags in black and light blue.
  15. I finally went to a Last Call a few weeks ago. There is one about 10 minutes from my house.

    Spent so much money.