prada nylon

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  1. i guess i am in the minority, but i love prada nylon bags, but, i am really tired of the old triangle emblem; are there any prada nylon bags that dont have this? i remember a while back, they came out with a sport line and it had a long "flag" like emblem.... but i dont see that style around anymore; any ideas?
  2. The Prada sport line changed their whole look actually..They call it Prada Linea Rossa.They changed it to make it look more sophisticated.
    u could look on eBay to find the OLDER styles.....
  3. I've actually wondered about the Sport line- I know the shoes switched over to the Linea Rossa name but I haven't seen a bag from this line in years.

    Anyway if you're looking for a nylon bag without the triangle logo Prada made a ton a few seasons ago ('05-06 I think?) with a big ovoid jacquard logo rather than the triangle. Maybe Jill could give you more info- I know she used to own a couple.

  4. Good heavens, hardly any of the new nylon Pradas have the triangle. Have you looked around at the different (legit) websites that sell Prada? Bluefly, Raffaello Network, Styledrops, Saks, NM, BG. Look around. I doubt you'll see a triangle tag at all.
  5. pp- are you kidding? i just got off of all those sites, since i only look at legit sites, and they are mostly the triangle logos, so i am not sure where you are looking??
  6. You haven't been looking! :p

    The new Prada nylon purses are gorgeous with the price tags to match! I just bought a Tessuto Rossa Nylon tote in Viola from Taipei's 101 Prada store. It's the nylon tote version of the satin rosette clutch and totally gorgeous.

    I will post a pict later but here's a brief description. Viola (rich dark purple) nylon tote with leather trimmings with 3 rosettes on the top and a discreet Prada logo in gold hardware. It's small and cost around US$800. Not cheap, I know but I couldn't resist! I haven't seen it anywhere else.

    Pictures to come once DH has his cup of tea. :wlae:
  7. let me back step, i know there are prada nylons out there that dont have the triangle logo, but they are still in the minority...i can only shop on line, if they are in the stores, good for you, but i cant see them...