Prada Nylon

  1. hi all,
    i am in need of a black bag...right now i have a bulga butterfly in milk chocolate, a kooba natasha in caramel patent and a coach legacy shoulder bag in pond...i love prada nylon you think they're "out"? would love some opinions...
    thanks all!:heart:
  2. Absolutely not- they might not be as glamorous as the Gauffre or Antic Cervo, but they're still very useful and durable. (Great for traveling and rainy days!)
  3. I love the Prada nylon bags...I just ordered another one and it should be here Monday or Tuesday..I'll post a pic when I get it..whether I keep it or not..Nylon is good to have for days when it's crappy outside or you just don't want to have to fuss w/ your bag...Go for it!!!
  4. is the cross body messenger bag "dated"? i like the handsfree idea; i owned one before and sold it on eBay quite a while ago...there's one that i really's a pic
    Prada - Nylon Pocket Tote - Neiman Marcus
    any thoughts? or any other nylons that you can recommend?
  5. I tried that bag on ^^ before I bought the nylong gauffre. I found it to be hard because the straps are narrow. That is just my thought... but I love this bag!

  6. i have a nylon hobo that i got about 5 years ago....i use it a lot. it's simple and great for crappy weather and stuffing in my desk drawer at work!