Prada nylon messenger bags

  1. Has anybody bought one of those on eBay?
  2. Yes - I am not sure it was real . . . I returned it because it was too short to wear cross body style. Unfortunately, I think the nylon bags are very easy to fake and like others have said, sometimes the sellers don't know that they aren't authentic. However, the seller was super nice and professional.
  3. I bought a black one a few months ago. Sold as authentic Prada and looked it! I don't see why it WOULDN'T be real. The design is very old. I remember first seeing those bags in high-end stores when I was just out out college. And my college period wasn't yesterday either! I find my black Prada nylon great. Really clever design, very light and easy to maintain. It's being used constantly while my Paddington bag gets repaired. And it's a hell of a lot lighter!
  4. What a pity about your cross-body strap, pursemania. Mine is the perfect length and very secure and easy to adjust. I think there are a lot of Prada Messenger sellers on eBay though. I'm sure they're not all genuine.
  5. I wouldn't buy one from a power-seller who has multiples of the same ones using the same stock photos. Sometimes people sell their gently used authentic Prada messenger bags for a pretty decent amount. You should always ask for closeup photos of the Prada triangle logo (if there is one) and the interior leather patch or rectangular plaque.
  6. I NEVER deal with those sorts of sellers, sgaotw! The dealer I dealt with a few months ago was very reputable, and with authentic Prada Messengers. The bag is brilliant! No complaints. I think eBay often gets a bad press. Obviously there are loads of crap fake bags there, but if you ask the right questions and buy from the right seller you can get authentic fantastic bargains.
  7. If you're not sure about ebay, sometimes Off Fifth Saks has the prada messenger bags. They also have coupons and/or specials with an extra 20% or 30% off.
  8. Never ever buy luxury bags of any sort on Ebay or on secondary stores.

    that's my policy and I've yet to lose a night of sleep wondering the authenticiy or previous ownership of the bag.

  9. Although all my bags are authentic I would have no problem buying from a reputable eBay seller. In fact, having seen a friend's eBay Balenciaga Motorcycle bag I would actually opt for a mirror-image copy rather than 'the real thing'! Chinese copies can be fantastic. I recently bought a Chloe dress in a high-end department store. The dress was lovely but when I looked at the washing instructions I noticed it had been made in China. Neverthless, the dress was Chloe. The main difference between copies and 'authentic' is sometimes mainly the fact that the copies are made in UNAUTHORIZED factories. But when you think about it, if a Chinese factory has the right technology and workforce, why WOULDN'T they be able to make mirror-image copies? And what has Gucci et al ever done for me anyway?