Prada Nylon Made in China?

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  1. So I purchased a Prada Nylon Re-Edition 2000 shoulder bag last week and today was watching a YouTube video which said a lot of Prada’s Nylon was made in China. Would anyone who has this bag be able to confirm this? It has not shipped yet but I was just curious. I thought all their stuff was made in Italy but I guess I was wrong.

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  3. Yes, they are MIC. This is so frustrating given the fact how much this bag cost
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  4. oh nooo. I may try to cancel my order tomorrow then. I saw an adorable Prada Nylon bucket bag that was made in Italy so I thought these were too. Can’t believe they’re charging so much for made in China bags :sad:
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  5. Prada, and others, have been manufacturing in China for at least 10 years now. They also still manufacture in Italy, but also in Romania, Vietnam, various African countries, India and other countries where materials and labor are cheap. Prada quality has dropped off badly so as to be almost unrecognizable when compared with items manufactured in Italy over 10 years ago.
  6. Oh wow. I think the Prada re-edition is such a cute bag and have been eyeing it but I'm shocked that it's Made in China. Seems like we'd be better off just checking it out in person when stores open back up again to get a Made in Italy one or even settling for a dupe from a different brand.
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  7. I wish Prada was more transparent about where their products are made. I mean.. Balenciaga is willing to say their products are made in Tunisia and China on their product page and will not hide the tag that says so. Prada on the other hand will hide their made in China tag in an obscure place, and not put where their products are made on their product listings.

    Luckily, and in my experience, you can easily guess if a product is made in italy/china based on the complexity. I find simple, basic products, outlet products, are most likely made outside of Italy, and complex, more intricate, specialty products are made in their factories in Italy.
  8. They still have made in Italy for their nylon collection, usually the classic pieces like the backpack and messengers bags that were first introduced in the 90s. In the 90s, they even had nylon pieces with metal chained handles, they didn’t reissue these.

    For the piece that OP showed, these are not their classic collection. They came out only in the last few years and many such designs were made for directly for outlets, not sold in the regular boutiques.
  9. I have the crossbody nylon one and it‘s made in italy..
  10. You need to be a bit of a detective to find the "made in" tag for every one of Prada's items. They are sewn into creases and corners and are usually quite well hidden. But once you find it you are then sure of where the item was manufactured.
  11. I have a baby blue original version. Unsure if I should sell it or keep it ... sidenote to the thread: any thoughts if the price will increase or is this prob going to be the peak?
    I like the bag a lot but there are so many similar ones out there in terms of shape, if I can sell it for ~500AUD I'd be really happy.
  12. Yeah, some of the last items I bought from Prada (RTW and shoes) were made in Vietnam and that must've been at least 10 years ago now.
  13. So I wasn’t able to cancel my order and actually received the bag today. First thing I did was check the manufacturing tag and to my surprise it actually said it was made in Italy, but the tag was kind of hidden for some reason? And it was very small. I wonder if it’s one of those things where most of the bag is made in China and then the last stitch is made in Italy, since I heard that was a thing? Anyway, the bag is super cute but I didn’t realize how tiny/short the strap is! I can barely fit it onto my shoulder and it keeps slipping off :sad: don’t think I’ll be keeping it
  14. I just received it today and tag says made in Italy. I wonder if some are made in Italy and some are made in China?
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  15. Aww sorry to hear that it didn't end up working out for you :sad: it is a mini bag but the strap being too small definitely defeats the purpose of it being a shoulder bag so I would return too. Maybe you can try finding a dupe? I've seen a couple of similar looking 90's-inspired nylon shoulder bags on some clothing websites and even Longchamp so maybe that would work out better