Prada nylon 'jelly bean colour' bags

  1. Nylon doesn't normally swing it for me but I'm loving the look of the little brightly coloured satchels. None of the online sites seem to have them - any idea how much they are selling for please?
    I've sent magazine ads for them so I'm presuming they've been released - I rather fancy a pink or orange one....can anyone tell me what colours they come in? Thanks.:heart:
  2. yellow,white,green, red,pink...bright blue,orange
  3. ^ there's yellow AND red? i had no idea!!
    can you post pics please?
  4. Thanks Jill. Can you tell me how much they retail for please?
  5. they are about 960 for a big one and 500 for the smallest... i think. I also thinking it's bloody outragous pricing for two rectangular pieces of nylon, think of what you can get in Louis Vuitton for that money,:cursing: