prada nylon handbags

  1. I was just wondering what you guys think about the prada nylon you think its worth the money to buy a nylon bag with a designer label on it?I dont have a link to the bags.:yes:
  2. I know there are a lot of folks on here who don't particularly like the Prada tessuto bags - the high cost for nylon and (perceived) lack of style.

    But I love mine! I spend a lot of time at muddy athletic fields watching my kids play sports and I bring my tote every time. A little rain? A little mud? A little grass? Everything wipes right off and it's good as new.
  3. I recently bought a quilted nylon Prada bag. I LOVE it! I get so many compliments on it, and it's a great bag to carry when it's raining or when I'm going to be somewhere that my bag could get dirty. Just wipe with a damp cloth and it's clean (just as twinkletoes said)!
  4. it is a good outdoor bag. i stopped buy the nylon prada bags now, just having one or 2 is enough.
  5. Nylon=yuck!
  6. I bought one in Milan about 8 years ago - It's ordinary except for a beautiful thick woven leather strap - The bag cost $600.00 at that time - It is indestructible - I wear it in the rain, no problem - I throw it around, it takes a beating and show no signs of wear. With all my REALLY expensive bags, I still use it!!.
  7. hmm, i think it's worth it... the price isn't that much, i have 2 nylon prada, the other one is from my bf... it's not a high maintenance bag..IMO:yes:
  8. i don't think it's worth it, just my opinion. i have other nylon bags that look better and are just as durable. used to have one but gave it to my friend.
  9. I think it depends.

    For me personally, the answer is no. I will probably never buy one. I think it's a lot to spend on a bag for nylon. Their design doesn't attract me. I would rather spend my money on other things.

    I know that some people live in areas with a lot of rain and snow or play sports. They may need a durable no fuss bag that can take some abuse from the elements. In that case it's a good buy.
  10. I haven't bought one in years but I have a dark green satchel, a chocolate brown shoulder bag and a grey backpack. the backpack was with me during two amazing trips to the Caribbean and one to Croatia and Italy in 2001. I haven't carried them since so they are getting neglected :sad: . I've thought about selling them but they are really cool and really are great in our rainy F/W's around Seattle! :girlsigh:
  11. I havent bought Prada for years. I have quite a few of the nylons. I love my messenger bag...I use it whenever I go on holiday but the rest of the bags are just in my closet...neglected. I agree with Poutine, for me its sort of an outdoor bag. But still it depends on the style that you want.

    Its pretty easy to clean also.

  12. I don't like the strap (the one I have has a braided strap). It's a bit too small too for my everyday use but very good for taking to clubs and bars cause I don't worry about it as much. I have a black rectangular one.
  13. :yes: I have to say I love my nylon Prada too..For all the reasons prev. posted..It's's GREAT for outdoors..You can throw it around & not have to worry...and it cleans up great...good as new every time...I love it for times when I know I'm going ot be out in the rain, or somewhere where I don't want ot have to baby my bag....and you can still be a little fahionista! :heart: Emmy
  14. Although my nylon Prada are pretty old, I still use them for travel (I used my backpack when we went to the beach and to Disneyland). At home, I take my nylon Prada to my son's soccer games or on his school field trips. It's true that nylon Prada is easy to maintain and clean up ... I just wipe my down with diaper wipes and it looks brand new. All my nylon Prada bags have no tears, rips or stains on them ... so they are more durable than people think.
  15. thanks for your opinions:yes: