Prada Nylon Bag..Online?? Or Neimans?

  1. Hi
    I am new to Prada, and I am thinking of buying a nylon tote style bag to use as a diaper tote. I checked out Neimans online and saw some cute ones, I was wondering if there are more to choose from if I went to the actual Neimans Store. Also I found a super cute red one on I am thinking it is fake. IT is only $170 .not sure if this is a reputable site. Any advice would be great. Thanks SO much!!
  2. Don't bet on it. Stay Away...:tdown:
  3. i agree with biscuiterie...also i LOVE prada nylon bags...they wear like cast iron and you can't kill 'em!
  4. Prada Nylon is great.
  5. I love Prada nylon bags. I used them almost everyday, mostly for my kids' stuff (swimming, soccer, baseball etc) and they hold up very well even after years of abuse.
    Might want to spend your money to purchase from reputable retailers, it's well worth it, IMO.
  6. I would check out NM, and if you don't find what you want at that store, ask someone to pull out their buyer's book for prada. They can get what you want shipped to your store for you to check out before you buy.
  7. i just bought from Neimans their cross body bag with pockets... LOVE IT!!! it would make a fabulous diaper bag, very roomy, way too big for an everyday bag...but it makes a great tote or diaper bag, plus its got these cute zip pockets on each side and some nice size pockets on the inside..i got it in drk brown...if you dont like you can always return...they have a great return policy...