prada nylon backpacks?

  1. Hi!

    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are about Prada's nylon backpacks?
    Do you think they're dated? too 1990s? Useful? Practical? Attractive?

    I've had them on my mind ever since I visited the Schiaparelli/Prada exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art a few weeks ago (which by the way, is an amazing exhibit!) They seem so perfect for the urban girl, but I worry that they make an odd style statement.
  2. I bought both of my little backpacks back in the late 90s when I went through my prada phase. I loved both of them very much..carried them around everywhere for years and put them away years. I've rediscovered them and now carry them when I'm doing day trips or traveling. More comfortable on my shoulders than messengers when I have a lot of stuff and also looks cute slung over one shoulder. I really haven't seen a lot of other people with their backpacks so i thought twice about bringing them out of the closet at first but I use mine bc I like em and theyre convenient for me.

    Which size are you thinking of getting? Wonder how much they are now...
  3. Oh this must be a newer design! Mine are really old and they have the belt buckle style locks (one on top, two smaller bottom). I remember i went to italy in 2003 and they had these backpacks in such gorgeous colors but I didn't buy anything because I already had 2 similar ones. I think I prefer the old design to this one.. Looks more feminine also? This one looks more casual, practical bag though. Are you thinking of using just for everyday?
  4. I agree! The old design is more my style, it's a bit more elegant and feminine. Which makes me think that this one I found online may be a mens' bag? I'd like to get one for everyday use. There's something charming about going hands free:smile:
  5. Yes that style is the men's version. I have it and bought it from the men's department at Neimans many years ago when it was more like $500. I would try resale and consignment shops if you are uncertain how much you'll love it. The consignment stores in NYC have them all the time for a couple hundred.
  6. good tip! I will definitely try a consignment shop, I don't know why I hadn't thought of that yet!