Prada newbie - saffiano leather questions!

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  1. Hi!

    I'm thinking about getting a zip-around wallet to replace my lovely, but useless, MJ Turnlock. I particularly like the look of Prada's Saffiano wallet's as shown HERE at Saks :yes:

    Since I am new to Prada my question is about the quality and feel of the leather. I understand it's hard does it follow that it is also hard (hehe does that make sense)? It must sound odd but how does it feel in your hands? I haven't yet even gone to check this out IRL; kinda embarrassed to do so :P

    Anyone who is familiar with the MJ Turnlock bags and accessories probably knows how soft the leather is. I love it for that reason (too bad I can't fit more than a few bills in it before it becomes hard to close :rolleyes: ). I am justnot sure that I can go and use something that doesn't feel nice in the hand no matter how much I love looking at it!

    Thoughts appreciated!
  2. This leather is sooooo durable..its kinda hard to has 'etches' in is soft to the touch..but not bendable smooshy soft..I have one and it still looks brand's 2 years old!
  3. Thanks EMMY :smile:

    I'll have to make the effort to head in to a store and grope it next week to be 100% sure :P
  4. Yeah it's different..but very durable..hahaha great for nights on the town!..if anything sticky or wet gets onit you just wipe it off..absolutely no worries!! Post when you buy something girl!! ANd don't forget to check always have tons of this stuff available.
  5. I have one...THE BEST WALLET!!! You'll get sick of it before it wears out.
  6. Turns out that this wallet in "Smoke" is not available in Australia (normally I would just go for it in black leather but I don't really like the gold hardware it comes with :crybaby: ).

    Now looking at perhaps getting the same style wallet but in soft calf leather (black with silver hardware) as shown HERE. I am guessing it wont be as durable...

    Oh thanks for the tip re: BlueFly too... though you gotta be quick! I saw a sweet purple zip around on one day...the next day it was gone! *poof* :sad:
  7. Ive just bought the metalic lilac/purple one today. I love it!

    Was trying to decide between black with gold interior or patent black with black interior... went for the luscious purple instead.