Prada newbie needs help! What would you consider as a Prada Classic?

  1. Hi. I am a Prada newbie. Would like to purchase a Prada bag as a gift to my sister. What would you consider as the most classic Prada bag and in what size? TIA!
  2. BN1336 gaufre bags and their saffiano totes like BN1844, BN1786
  3. Love their saffiano totes, definitely prada classics. I feel like the ones with zippers will hold their shape better than the ones without. Personal favorite is the BN2274
  4. Depends on her height but def the saffiano tote!
  5. Agree with everyone else - the saffiano totes. I, too, prefer the totes with the double zippers as it gives it a smoother line (the ones with the magnetic button at the center tend to look a little dented, in my opinion). If you're not sure how you think she would wear it, you can opt for the style with a removable shoulder strap :smile:
  6. saffiano lux tote, for sure
  7. Saffiano tote......I'm already planning my second & also the Gaufre bags......I've had mine for around 4 years & it still looks great plus the leather is so soft
  8. hi everyone here is talking about prada BN17 BN18 BN22, what does the code say ?sorry im a newbie here... anyone kind enough to explain?:amuse:
  9. It just did style , u can find it on prada website .
  10. wah i really can't figure out when i come in to this thread, you ladies are talking in prada language !:p:p
  11. Saffiano lux tote