Prada newbie needs help on gauffre

  1. hiii,

    Im usually on the Chanel board but lately I found myself drawn to the gauffre (correct sp?) style bags...

    I really liked the black patent or red patent or blue nylon and I just talked to my SA and she was describing a red patent leather one that she referred to as a bowling style bag about 2300 USD and has the detachable messenger strap. She also said it was about 8.5 inches in height and 15 inches wide?

    Does anyone have this bag or a picture of it?

    Also, does anyone have a blue satchel medium size they could show me a picture of being worn?

    Thanks with any help on this decision!!

    Cory :smile:
  2. Cory - I saw that at NM at Mazza yesterday. It is smaller than Jill's bowling style gaufre. NM has red and is getting white. If you don't carry the kitchen sink its ok - I think close to a speedy 25. Its not gaufre, its quilted. Saks has the larger size - I got the black patent quilted one (same size as bowler - costs $2495, is rumored to also be coming in white). You should go check them out. ;) Also, you can't get either one on your shoulder. Handles are too small.