Prada Napa Gauffre Satchel Bag

  1. Can anybody please help me find this bag i have been trying to find one for days and i am now getting desperate:confused1: :nuts: , i live in the U.K. but i have relatives in the U.S. if necessary that i could have it sent to. PLEASE CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME. THANKYOU:sad:
  2. its on Neiman Marcus Online search prada gauffre and the nappa antic satchel comes up in stock in black
  3. Thanks Baglady 2 i forgot to mention that i want it in the brown ONLY and also the large size (the most difficult to find):confused1:
  4. Ah, and i felt so pleased with myself as well for posting that ( 1st one!):shame:
    But, good taste, the gauffre brown leather is gorgeous - much nicer than the black IMHO ( sorry if you've got a black one as well...)

    good luck (and let me know if and where you find it in the UK) There's no decent Prada website is there? ( I was looking a while ago too)
  5. i cant see any pics, can someone help me see this bag we are looking at? thank youuu...