Prada Muff Bow Clutch in pink and black leather has arrived! YAY =)

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  1. LOVE LOVE this bag!!

    Thanks to Sonia from the Prada Manhattan boutique!!
    She was super helpful sending me pictures and keeping in touch and answering questions via email, etc...definitely a pleasure to work with!!

    The leather is super soft and smushy, I feel like hugging it when I go to sleep :love:

    The only thing was that it came only in the Prada dustbag, being a newbie to Prada handbags in this generally the case? I am always used to my Chanel and Chloe handbags and Fendi and Balenciaga handbags all coming in a handbag box for the bag....




    Sorry I was in my comfies (Primp and Juicy) when I took these shots :angel:
  2. congrats!!! it's lovely!!!!!!! you make me want one too!
  3. It's adorable - may I ask how much?

    I've ordered just 2 items from Sonia - gauffre wallet and the latest black and pink bag - like Jill's - the wallet came in a box, but the bag came just in a dustbag...
  4. ^^ ohhh yah, Sonia just replied (shes so good and fast!!) =) that their bags dont come in boxes...

    And the bow clutch was 840 USD and the nylon version I think was 535 USD or so?
  5. YEP...Bags dont come with boxes!!!EVER!

    LOVES IT! OMG! I want one now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. loveliest bag I have seen for this season!!
  7. what a perfect small bag! actually, it looks larger than I thought it would. The pink is so beautiful.
  8. Congrats! It looks great on you!
  9. congrats..I looooveeee this clutch...can't find anywhere online, which drives me looks like you are located in LA, in LA doesn't this clutch sells? as far as I know, there prada store on rodeo drive..wondering because my father is in LA and If there is bow clutch I am trying to convince him to buy for me
  10. OMG I LOVE that!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is way cool!!!! Thanx for the pic & congrats!!!!!
  11. that's so pretty, congrats!
  12. argg i want one too!
  13. Wow!!It's sooo cute.
  14. That's a really cute bag!:smile: If you like the pink bows, I was just at the Ala Moana Prada boutique in Honolulu about a month ago, and they have a special edition bag that was only made for the Hawaii stores. It's a black tote bag (forgive me for not knowing the style names), and it has that same pink bow on the front, centered on the top third of the bag- really adorable, but I was in the mood for all black at the time. Just an FYI!:smile:
  15. WOW! Congrats -:woohoo: I absolutely LOVE it :love:

    I haven't seen the Bow here in Denmark - but I think I will have to go again - cause it seems even more adorable in your pics, than in the magazines..