Prada / Miu Miu Outlet Sale

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  1. I heard that the Prada / Miu Miu outlet will be having a sale at the Woodbury Commons outlet on 12/10/07. I was told that the discounts are up to 75% off outlet price for "irregulars" and old styles.

    I posted this on the Prada / Miu Miu subforum but didn't get any responses (I guess it's not a very active sticky!)

    Has anyone been to a Prada / Miu Miu sale like this? please share your experience. I'd like to know if it's worth going to since I live an hour away...

    Thanks all :smile:
  2. No idea but I would like to know too!!

  3. Me too!!
  4. just trying to put this back to the top of the list... :smile:

    any feedback would be much appreciated.. thanks!
  5. It's Prada and it's a sale. I'd go just to check it out.
  6. I recall that there is not Prada/Miu Miu outlet at Woodbury ..unless it's one of those temporary ones? b/c I know they had a special one for Burberry a while ago

  7. I think there is an outlet - it is called Space.
  8. There's a Space outlet at Cabazon too...wonder if they're having a sale?!:graucho:

  9. :lol: No Kidding!!
  10. oh! thanks for the info..any ideas why it's called Space???
  11. I love that place! Unfortunately I live about 400 miles from it!
  12. Here's the straight scoop from the Woodbury Common website:

    Space (Prada, Miu Miu)
    Dec 8
    Slight Irregulars Sale
    Slightly irregular merchandise 50% - 75% off the outlet price
    75% off outlet price of older season merchandise from 2005 – 2006
    All other merchandise priced at 40% - 50% off Prada, Miu Miu Boutique Prices
  13. I'm not a big shopper at Prada...but 40-50% off boutique is kinda weak isn't it? I just visited a Prada store and they had 50% off a lot of items....

    The additional 75% off though seems to rock....that's an awesome deal.
  14. This kind of sale does make me wonder about prada quality control...I they have THAT many irregulars enough to have an ad for a sale?
  15. anyone been to the sale?:tup: