Prada it worth the $$$

  1. Contemplating buying a Prada wallet. Love the look of the microfiber but I am worried about it's durability. Can anyone vouch for it? Thanks!!
  2. Personally, I wouldn't pay $$$ for microfiber, I don't care who makes it!
  3. its a wallet. and microfiber. will probably last you a long time.

    now if it was a handbag...
  4. I can only vouch for their nylon (that's not microfiber, right?) but it's so durable. I love it. It's sturdy and withstands everything. My nylon prada is my throw around bag. It goes to the gym, the pool, hold diapers- still doesn't show wear inside or out. They may use seemingly cheap materials, but they use the best type of those materials and use good craftsmanship. I've been thrilled with how my Pradas have held up in the past. Hope that helps!