prada metallics- do they peel?

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  1. I've been noticing prada making a lot more metallic leather bags. I've never owned one since I always thought they were a bit blingy. But I bought one recently and am wondering if I should keep it. Do any of you ladies have comments about the metallic leather? Does it peel or crack? Thanks!
  2. It can rub off easily, especially at the corners. The only exception I've found is when the bag is made of lambskin, though I'm not sure I'd include the gaufre metallics in that statement. Here's my lambskin, drawstring hobo. It's well used and has held up beautifully.

  3. A little off topic but that bag is gorgeous!!!!!
  4. I think all metallics peel. I posted somewhere here on Prada that Chanel having trouble w/ their metallic reissues peeling also.
  5. Fendi is the same too apparently.